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Driving under the influence in Illinois is defined as operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or greater.

However, with additional evidence, a driver may also be convicted of DUI with a BAC in excess of .05 percent.

DUI additionally applies to drivers under the influence of other drugs besides alcohol, including any legal or illegal substances that cause impairment,regardless of how they enter the body.

By driving on state roadways, a driver in Illinois implies to consent and agrees to submit - to testing for alcohol or other drugs.

Refusing to do so results in a longer suspension of driving privileges than that received for test failure. And a test refusal can be used as evidence in a DUI case.

A suspension is the temporary loss of driving privileges for a specific length of time. Suspended drivers must comply with all requirements and pay all applicable fees to obtain reinstatement of driving privileges.

A revocation is the loss of such privileges with no guarantees of reinstatement. An individual may apply for reinstatement at the end of the revocation period.

An administrative period is required; Risk education, and recent alcohol/drug assessment """"""""""""???payment of fees are necessary also

Reinstatement, if approved, requires retesting and fee payment for a new drivers license. Related offenses that occur while driving under the influence may be classified as a violent crime, misdemeanor or felony, and can never be expunged from a driver's record.

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